Vulnerability Management

Get peace of mind with comprehensive, risk-based vulnerability assessment and management.

You need vulnerability management that maximizes network visibility and eliminate risks. We offer right-sized product and managed service solutions that adhere to modern security needs.

Sleep easier. Trust that NuHarbor’s veteran engineers are maintaining your environment, monitoring scans, and will deliver high-value reports accordingly.



You need actionable data from your vulnerability scanning solution. Our engineers help you define your needs before creating reports of varying scopes for diverse audiences. You choose between automatic or on-demand delivery of reports.


Results Interpretation

Vulnerability scan reports include so much information. How can you be sure you’re interpreting and identifying meaningful results? NuHarbor engineers review and interpret your unique scan results to provide clear analysis.


Remediate, Recommend, Guide

After reviewing your scan results, a NuHarbor engineer provides high-level practical guidance and recommendations to help you prioritize your remediation approach. This saves you time and money while expediting your ability to remediate vulnerabilities.

Asset and Scan Configuration Management

Your network is diverse and dynamic. All your scanned assets must be imported, organized, and maintained to ensure scan integrity. Planning, creating, and managing scans is time consuming and cumbersome for internal resources. Let our engineers manage scans, onboard new assets, create new scheduled scans, and update configurations.

Backend and Software Management

Like any software, vulnerability scanning solutions need management – our experts will manage your cyber exposure software on your behalf. This includes application layer upgrades, technical issue resolution, performance tuning, and general maintenance of the scanning environment.

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Why Managed Services?

NuHarbor will partner with you to identify which cyber exposure platform is right for your organization. Together we’ll create a complementary managed service to ensure you can minimize overhead and maximize return on investment. Our Managed Services allow your busy team to step back from day-to-day vulnerability management. Get peace of mind knowing that our trained engineers are maintaining your environment, monitoring your scans, and delivering reports. We review and interpret your scan results, and provide curated recommendations to help you plan and prioritize remediation activities.

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