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A Sense of Safety

Vermont’s unique geographic location provides a cozy sense of safety for many of its residents. The lack of challenges commonly faced in major metropolitan areas allows for a sense of community rife with friendly locals. It can also create a false sense of security that should not be overlooked.

Geographically speaking, Vermont is relatively safe from most natural disasters and is far enough away from points of interest in the United States to evade foreign threats. However, in cyberspace – a medium in which location is no longer a boundary – Vermont is as much a target as any location on earth.

Small Business Security

Vermont has many small businesses with outdated or fragmented cybersecurity solutions. They either lack the finances to invest in a comprehensive strategy or aren’t well-informed on the broad consequences of a security breach. These small businesses are what make the Green Mountain State a locally driven community loved by so many. According to the Vermont SBA Business Profile (2017 data), Vermont small businesses employ 60.8% of the state’s private workforce. What’s concerning is that roughly 47% of these small businesses had fewer than 20 employees. Understanding the criticality of small businesses to Vermont’s economy is essential to recognizing the susceptibility of its businesses and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

UVM Ransomware

In addition to small businesses, large institutions are also at risk for cyberattacks. The 2020 ransomware attack on University of Vermont Medical Center (UVM) is a prime example of what can happen if an organization isn’t properly prepared to deal with an attack. UVM is still recovering financially. Although more prepared than others in its industry, the Medical Center was still compromised and exploited, which should serve as a warning to similar institutions.

Nobody wants to be the victim of a cyberattack, and ensuring that you’re not the next Vermont business targeted includes proper prevention. Protecting your organization by implementing procedures to avoid attacks and mitigate unforeseen compromises is a must. If you’re unsure how or where to start, NuHarbor Security offers free consultations with industry experts ready to share our best-in-class solutions. Contact us today at [email protected]!

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