Vendor (3rd Party) Security Assessment Services

Vendor (3rd Party) Security Assessment Services

Vendor Security Assessments, also called 3rd Party Security Assessments, have been around for a while, but have gained recent popularity following some high profile data security breaches. More and more companies are relying on their business partners to deliver on strategy, and in order to do this, business partners either have remote system access or access to sensitive data. Our methodology has been tested and fine-tuned over the years and hundreds of assessments, which makes NuHarbor a trusted Security Assessor and relationship manager for many Fortune 500 Companies. As operating a Vendor Security Assessment on your behalf with strategic partners we understand the need to good relationships, and ensuring good brand representation.

Our methodology includes:

  • Partner Trust Assessment (definition of Security Requirements using a Risk Based Measure)
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (measures Privacy and Data Governance Controls)
  • Business Impact Analysis (a measure of impact to your business given an unavailable service)

With this information above, we classify the partner risk level, which drives security requirements for the Vendor or Partner. We then perform testing and assessment services to ensure these requirements are in place, and this process allows us to be very transparent and predictable with sensitive strategic partnerships.

For every engagement we provide an executive summary, and detailed report on findings. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we perform follow-up activities with the Vendor or Partner to ensure issues are remediated and will continue to check in on the Vendor or Partner Security Posture periodically depending on their risk profile.