Author: Justin Fimlaid

When we started PWNED in 2018, our goal was to connect with cybersecurity leaders and enthusiasts by producing a weekly podcast to address real-world security challenges. Since then, we’ve created 160+ episodes and are frequently in the top 100 technology podcasts in both the U.S. and the U.K.  

If you haven’t heard the show yet, co-host Jack Danahy and I discuss current trends in cybersecurity, the latest and greatest in security technology, and the volatile investment and M&A environment that’s fueling so much change. We chat with industry leaders to learn how they got where they are, what they see coming, and how they’ve learned from their mistakes. 

Below is a list of our top episodes from 2022. We hope you’ll find them as interesting as we did while making them, and share PWNED with others as a resource for candid advice and timely assessment of news from the cybersecurity industry.  

1. Pwned GigaByte – The Pit of Despair
Justin and Jack introduce the Pit of Despair – a place (i.e., ditch) where marketing terms end up when their strong start and promising future is so diluted from overuse that they’ve lost all flavor and meaning. Who will the first victim be? 

2. Two Old Friends Together – TrelliXDR
The creation of Trellix, the result of the marriage between McAfee and the post-Mandiant remnants of FireEye, gives the team a chance to visit an old friend, XDR, in the Pit of Despair. It’s an episode on finance, security technology, relevance, and potential new directions for the future.  

3. Breach of the Week – Log4j Vulnerability
Justin and Jack cover the base and wind up of the Log4j vulnerability and its impact on the world’s supply chain. Listen to hear more! 

4. Zero Trust, No Trust
Zero trust has grown from a good idea to a requirement for many companies, whether through the expansion of remote work or by government mandate. Widely overused, it’s also inconsistently defined. In this trustworthy episode, Justin and Jack spend some time highlighting its value and clearing things up. 

5. Punxsutawney Programmer
The debate over supporting open-source software and software supply chain security keeps repeating itself. In this episode, learn how one programmer uses their access to get some attention while putting an explanation point on the potential risk to users posed by unvetted open-source software.  

6. Right Swipe – Google Takes Siemplify Home
Google acquired Siemplify to integrate it into Google Cloud Chronicle. Does the match have chemistry? Will the relationship thrive, or should Google have gone home alone? Get the team’s take in this episode.  

7. Zero-Sum Breach of the Week
This episode came with a zero-sum Breach of the Week! Jack and Justin discuss one publicly disclosed breach, and one publicly disclosed breach that really wasn’t. 

8. Butts as Biometrics
A rant about “eyes on glass” and a new entry finds its glassy way into the Pit of Despair. 

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