Splunk MSSP

Looking for a Next Generation MSSP?

Are you looking for a next generation MSSP? We offer security use cases for your business, industry leading threat intelligence, and a world class threat hunting team. Learn why we’re the market leader.

You want access to your data, but don’t have the resources to consistently monitor logs on a daily or 24/7 basis to ensure your systems’ security.  Our work includes everything from small 10GB/day environments to large TB/day clients.

NuHarbor's Managed Service's Offerings:

Two options delivered by one great company.

Co-Managed Model

Your data. Our Splunk Security know-how.

The power of Splunk is being able to build an in house security operations center (SOC) and being able to see your data when you want it. Our Splunk MSSP is built for you and how you choose to use the platform.


We specialize in helping our customers install Splunk. Our staff are trained to the same standard as Splunk employees and are extremely skilled at installing and configuring Splunk environments.


A co-managed model  means you’re in control. It’s your data to access when you need it.


When the time to upgrade comes we can assist with an upgrade path, determine the order of which upgrade certain systems, and help perform the actual upgrade


Every organization is different. NuHarbor analysts learn your unique environment and create a tailored solution that is perfect for our business

Fully Managed Model

Our Security Operations Center. Your Peace of Mind. – SOC as a Service Powered by Splunk

Looking for a fully managed security operations center (SOC) and don’t want to own a license? We’ve got you covered. Let NuHarbor take care of everything including the underlying technology in an affordable, one price solution.


Keep it simple. We provide a single vendor platform for engineering and security services at a single price, complete with single sign-on integrations.


A fully managed model means we can get things done quickly, maximizing time spent on your data and security operations goals.


Our SOC delivers 24×7 system monitoring with 99.5% uptime. We are Splunk and security experts and you can trust we have your back.


We know budgets can be tight. The ROI for SOC as a Service Powered by Splunk is up to 25% greater than other popular hosting solutions, with the cost savings passed on to you.

Our Service Offerings:


Human Security Review

Our engineers search for security anomalies with daily reviews of your Splunk environment. By reviewing alerts and dashboards, we identify potentially malicious activity. Based on review outcomes, our engineers filter false positives, investigate potential threats, and escalate valid security incidents according to your Alert Escalation Communication Plan.


Security Rule Tuning

Based on our engineer’s security reviews and client feedback, our team tunes your environment to reduce false positives or increase coverage.

Notable Event Investigation

When we escalate a notable event, we also perform a first level investigation. Our engineers narrow your search and reduce your incident resolution time. Rest assured that you will spend precious response time efficiently.

Custom Threat Intelligence

Based on industry trends and shifting threat landscape we cultivate high-confidence threat feeds that we integrate into your environment to enrich and enhance security investigations. Based on your industry we’ll integrate you into your industry threat community so you can stay ahead of emerging real-time threats.

CTAC (Cyber Threat Analyst Cell)

CTAC is our threat hunting unit. Professional threat actors are skilled at evading traditional detection techniques. CTAC leverages machine learning and statistical analysis to monitor suspicious security activity that is not “loud” enough to trip traditional alerts. Over the course of days, weeks, months we’ll monitor statistical patterns to identify low operating threat actors.

100% Onshore Resources

Our entire team is based in the United States. No need to worry about who is monitoring your environment in different geography in our current volatile global climate.

For all of our Splunk Managed Services:


Biweekly Status Reports

As your trusted data security partner, we are committed to consistent communication. Our team provides a bi-weekly summary report designed for leadership and analyst review. Included is environment health, investigation results, current ticket status, and roadblocks.

Quarterly Status Meeting

Your environment is in constant motion which impacts your security posture. To ensure our teams are aligned and pro-active, we provide quarterly meetings to review current security health and future plans that could affect your Splunk environment.

Optional Service Add-Ons:


Do your compliance or internal directives require 24/7 security monitoring? We have you covered with our affordable 24/7 service.

Admin, Updates, & Configuration

Need occasional help with Splunk upgrades, adding new programs, or data ingestion? Interested in customized dashboards and reporting? Our accredited, award-winning Splunk team can provide additional services as needed. Check out our Splunk Concierge Administrator On Demand service.

Threat Intelligence

Good threat intelligence is tough to come by. In the course of conducting our routine security work we cultivate and maintain high-confidence threat feeds. Our clients can leverage this same threat intelligence feeds in API or TAXII format for internal company use. Whether you’re looking to enrich IPS, IDS, firewalls, or other security technology our custom threat feed might be right for you.

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Recent Blog Posts

“NuHarbor was able to remove 99% of our security white noise. We only receive alerts for notable events. Our team is able to focus on legitimate security events.

IT Manager, State University

We’re Splunk Specialists

NuHarbor Security provides innovative information security services and technology solutions. We are an established Splunk Premier Partner with a deep bench of Splunk accredited professionals. Our dedicated engineers deliver implementation services, ongoing professional services, as well as a comprehensive Splunk Enterprise Security Managed Services Program. With extensive experience in state, local, education, and commercial sectors, NuHarbor is your full-service Splunk partner. We will ensure your Splunk platform scales efficiently for years to come.

Why Splunk

Traditional SIEM solutions struggle to keep pace with the ever-growing set of data sources and increasing contextual complexity. 10 years ago collecting data from firewalls, IDS sensors, and operating systems and normalizing the data for querying held promise. Today, that approach simply isn’t enough. Modern security organizations require platforms that can query valuable contextual information from unique data sources rather than normalizing it away. Security organizations must also begin to adopt the doctrine of automation from the DevOps movement to keep pace with today’s attackers.

At NuHarbor Security we view Splunk as a central cog to the security machine and seek to leverage automated integration wherever possible to reduce manual overhead. NuHarbor Security also understands that log and event data contain an immense amount of value for more than just the security organization, and knows how to leverage the data analytics and automation services provided by Splunk throughout the enterprise. NuHarbor Security utilizes Splunk’s industry leading next generation data analytics platform to provide cohesive analytics services by leveraging existing machine data. The flexibility of our Splunk Managed Services platform allows us to host your Splunk environment on dedicated instances managed by NuHarbor Security in our cloud, or on your own on-premise platform in order to meet your unique business requirements. Regardless of the deployment model, you maintain full access, visibility, and usability of your data.