Sentinel managed extended detection and response (MXDR)

Managed extended detection and response on Microsoft’s proven Sentinel and Defender XDR platforms.

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Security beyond the endpoints

Sentinel MXDR from NuHarbor Security is a fully managed cybersecurity service that protects beyond your endpoints. The solution equips your team with comprehensive detection and response capabilities across multiple security domainshelping safeguard identities, Office 365, cloud services, and applications. With the powerful combination of Microsoft’s integrated Defender XDR and Sentinel SIEM platforms and deep expert support from NuHarbor Security, you can feel more confident in securing your organization

How XDR + SIEM + MXDR work together

Defender XDR

Microsoft Defender XDR collects, correlates, and analyzes threat signals and alerts from across the Microsoft 365 environment including endpoint devices, email, applications, and identities.

Sentinel SIEM

Microsoft Sentinel then correlates alerts provided by Defender XDR with a vast amount of external intelligence to detect and assess new threats.

NuHarbor MXDR

NuHarbor’s expert-led detection, response, and prevention then uses telemetry provided by both Defender XDR and Sentinel SIEM.

"Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful platform that can be adapted to the specific needs of each organization. NuHarbor has demonstrated their expertise in customizing and managing Sentinel solutions for optimal results."

Jeffrey Asis
Team Lead Principal Security Architect

Defenders are fighting an asymmetric battle

The increasingly targeted nature, volume, and speed of attacks makes defense unsustainable for security operations center (SOC) teams alone.

  • Security is one priority among many for your IT teams.
  • Attacks are constant and your vulnerabilities are rapidly changing.
  • Too many tools make patchwork security the default solution.
  • Each new platform can introduce more complexity and more noise.


How Sentinel MXDR can help

Our dedicated team of security experts monitors your Sentinel environment 24/7 to ensure reliable threat detection, response, and remediation support. Efforts and disruptions from attacks are minimized through attack recognition tools, and embedded automations work to improve threat detection with similar characteristics. The combination of Microsoft’s industry-leading machine learning and NuHarbor’s deep expertise enables our team to deliver comprehensive supportgiving your team the time and peace of mind to focus on other priorities.

Near real-time threat detection and analysis

Improve threat detection and response with decreased false positives and thorough investigations of critical alerts.

Expert remediation response strategies

Depend on our 24/7 team of trained defenders armed with rapid detection and advanced analytics.

Recognize new attacks and techniques before they cause harm

Our analysts leverage the latest threat intelligence and experience across hundreds of clients to identify vulnerabilities and embed automations to disrupt future threats.

Sentinel MXDR service details

With Sentinel MXDR, our award-winning security experts become an extension of your team to manage detection and response 24/7.


Health Check

  • Assessment of your desired security outcomes, gaps, and optimal Sentinel data ingestion strategy.
  • Actionable recommendations within Sentinel that align with your organization's security.

Consistent Tuning

  • Security reviews for improvement of alerts, workbooks, and playbooks.
  • A cycle ensuring security alerts and incidents become more efficiently manageable.

Daily Environmental Reviews

  • Daily expert review of the Sentinel workspace, including the identification of anomalies.
  • Filtering of false positives, identification of possible threats, and escalations of valid incidents.

Rapid Investigation and Remediation Strategies

  • Contextual expert analysis of threats for improved protection and effective remediation strategies.
  • Management of threats that goes beyond alerts not prioritized as critical by your Sentinel workspace.
  • Ability to operate independently and alongside your SOC.
Our Approach

We make it easy to improve and manage your security

We believe great cybersecurity exists at the intersection of exceptional service delivery and purposeful deployment of security solutions.

Learn more about making cybersecurity easier

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    Our security experts are trained to support and communicate in ways you can understand. Cybersecurity solutions are created to answer your questions on your terms.

  • Easy to Choose

    We have an established reputation as security and technology leaders. With a clear definition of cybersecurity outcomes for your business, you can make the best decisions to secure your organization.

  • Easy to Trust

    We deliver clear and consistent communication. Paired with our trusted operations and reporting, your stakeholders can have peace of mind in their cybersecurity decisions.

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