Application penetration testing 

Safely discover security flaws in your application.

Applications often expose data unintentionally, often through technical flaws and business logic abuse. Want to guarantee there’s no backdoor access to your sensitive data? Let us uncover the flaws first.

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Identify and classify application vulnerabilities before hackers do.

Data is today’s gold standard and needs to be protected like the valuable asset it is. Application security testing reduces the risk of a data breach by detecting vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers. Here’s how:

  • We protect your clients, your employees, and your reputation from unnecessary risk. Penetration testing provides peace of mind that your web application is protected.
  • We follow compliance best practices. Many security programs and frameworks like HIPAA and PCI require regular penetration tests of web applications. We specialize in compliance assessments and can meet your testing requirements at any frequency.
  • We classify and prioritize risks. Our engineers are developers first and understand the time you put into your applications. We prioritize next steps by urgency and amount of work, so you can easily decide where fixes should happen in your development lifecycle.
Our Approach

We make it easy to improve and manage your security

We believe great cybersecurity exists at the intersection of exceptional service delivery and purposeful deployment of security solutions.

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    Our security experts are trained to support and communicate in ways you can understand. Cybersecurity solutions are created to answer your questions on your terms.

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    We have an established reputation as security and technology leaders. With a clear definition of cybersecurity outcomes for your business, you can make the best decisions to secure your organization.

  • Easy to Trust

    We deliver clear and consistent communication. Paired with our trusted operations and reporting, your stakeholders can have peace of mind in their cybersecurity decisions.

Penetration testing checklist

Here's a checklist of what we might look for:

Logging and Monitoring

Does the application track users properly? Are systems actively checked?

Broken Authentication

Is there proper authentication? Do authorization controls apply to users’ actions?

Sensitive Data Exposure

Does the application disclose confidential information? Is the environment providing information that could aid an attacker?

Input Validation

Are user inputs validated and sanitized? Does the application behave independently of input?

Output Encoding

Does the application enforce output Encoding? Is there a consistent interpretation of the output?

Filtering Layers

Are there filtering mechanisms? Do they proactively defend against common web application attacks?

SSL Encryption Analysis

Does the web server support the security levels of the encryption ciphers? Are certificates supported on both the server side and the client side?

Parameter Passing

Is parameter handling secure? Could the application mishandle authorization information? Could server-side information mistakenly be sent to the user?

Application Logic Flow

Does the application enforce logic flow? Could an attacker control the application flow at will?

Cross-Site Scripting

Are there cross-site scripting vulnerabilities? Is there proper encoding of user-supplied input?


Does user input construct database queries? Can an attacker craft an input to control queries beyond the programmer’s intent?

Path Traversals

Do user inputs construct file paths? Can an attacker craft an input to escape the directory structure of the application?

XML External Entities

Is it possible to inject XML tags or modify the XPath query?

Certificate Testing

Are the application’s certificates current, issued by a trusted authority, in the correct domain name, etc.?

Integer Underflow/Overflow

Are there instances that result in values above or below the allowable integer value?

Buffer Overflow

Does the application perform proper bounds checking?

Known Vulnerable Components

Are server-side and client-side components current and secure?

Our solutions make it easy to progress in your cybersecurity journey.

No matter where you are in your cybersecurity journey, we can help. Whether you're just beginning, looking to improve, or not sure where to go next, our trusted experts are committed to your success and can help you every step of the way.

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