Risk Management & Assessments

Risk Management & Assessments

Risk Management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks.  We can help you build a risk management program that allows your organization to be a risk intelligent enterprise.  This starts with making risk management an integral part of the enterprise’s strategy and operations – not as separate isolated process.  Each decision made by your executive team creates value but also carries a potential for risk.  The intent and purpose of proactively mitigating risk is the realization that risk and value can’t be separated.  Consideration of risk should be a decision-driver versus a consequence.  Proactively managing an organizations level of risk allows an organization to expose just the “right” amount of risk needed to maximize value creation.

Our Risk Managements Programs are designed by our senior executives who have firsthand industry experience. Our ability to work through real world problems and challenges have made us an industry leader in risk management.



NuHarbor evaluates the current state of controls and works with key personnel to understand the organizational risk tolerance and business goals. We provide and apply a risk rating to each control in non-compliance so leadership can focus on risks that pose the highest significance to your strategic goals and objectives.

Gap Analysis

NuHarbor will apply a contextually relevant risk rating to identified security gaps, and develop a remediation plan to ensure leadership understands the organization impact and higher-level requirements for remediation.


NuHarbor will develop detailed documentation to include a cybersecurity maturity scorecard, tactical and strategic recommendations, and a prioritized execution roadmap. In addition, NuHarbor will provide summary presentations to key stakeholders.