Pwned Season 3

Justin and Jack join John Egan, founder of Mad River Distillers, for a chat about his thoughts on cybersecurity acquisitions, and his own experience as a lawyer in the technology field. Special thank you to John, Mad River Distillers President Mimi Buttenheim, and General Manager/Head Distiller Alex Hilton for welcoming the team and giving their time. To view the Mad River crew, click here.

Justin and Jack took the time to write out reviews of some of the beverages from Mad River. Those can be found below:

  • Burnt Rock Bourbon
    • The Burnt Rock Bourbon has a long finish, combining a sweet undertone of vanilla and oak with a distinctive power at the front of the palate.
  • Revolution Rye
    • The Revolution Rye is a spicy entrant, capable of standing up to an ice cube, or even a little mixing, without losing its personality. That’s why we featured it in our Old Fashioned Madman cocktail.
  • PX Rum
    • All of the bourbons and even the featured special, a caramel-y rum called the Mad River PX Rum, have a custom feel to them. There is a sense that somebody specifically put that booze in that bottle with thought for who would be drinking it.

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