Welcome to our first GigaByte episode!  In this long episode, we are taking a big dive into information and cyber security industry trends with two of our Trusted Security Advisors, Chad, and Travis. They share what they have seen over the last few months, what changed with COVID-19 and what the future holds for the information security industry. As the industry has adapted, so has NuHarbor (in fact, this entire podcast was recorded remotely) and Chad and Travis explain how they have had to use their expertise to help information security professionals protect their organizations in a landscape that changes by the day.  Chad and Travis also provide their thoughts on what changes are going to stick around, including significant increases in people working remotely and the challenges of using company devices, on personal networks, to log into company networks. How can companies prepare for this security challenge? Does the future of work involve more opportunities to stay in your pajamas? And will we ever have to go into a grocery store again? Tune in and find out!

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