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In an episode that is close to Jack’s heart and history, he and Justin explore a renewed interest in the security of applications. They discuss the new Application Security Center of Excellence (ASCOE) being built at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, shifting far left of boom by prioritizing contract language, and the importance of championing the need for application security before implementing any program.

Listen in for practical ways to make progress in an area that will only get better by working on the applications you’ll see tomorrow.

Key moments:

1:51 – Introduction to application security.

8:26 – Application security surrounding AI/ChatGPT. Is open source insecure?

9:38 – Application security = restaurant?

10:39 – In a world where no one wants you to get in front of application security, how do you get in front of it?

18:15 – Strong application security requires healthy communication.

21:38 – Why is application security so important?

25:26 – Application security is not a one-and-done deal; it goes on forever. It’s a continuing cycle of Whac-A-Mole.

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