This week we’re mixing it up with our Breach of the Week: The Case of the Missing CD-ROM. Yes, CD-ROM. Zack and Justin discuss the theft of a CDROM with PII and ponder why anyone would want to steal a CD-ROM and if they would even have a drive to get the data off in the first place. A real whodunit.  Was it the Smithsonian, a confused child, or a Pintrest fail?  Tune in to find out. Also, we’ve already hit 1000 listens for the new season!  Thank you to everyone that listens to and enjoys our podcast!  Unfortunately, we’re not satisfied with a mere 1000 listens and are challenging you to subscribe, like, share, rate, and review and get your fellow infosec and cyber security friends to listen. Next week we’ve got our first long episode where we talk to two of our Trusted Security Advisors about trends in the cyber security industry and how COVID-19 has flipped everything on its head.

You can find more breaches at the privacy rights clearing house:

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