Splunk Professional Services

We're Splunk experts.

The Splunk platform is complex. NuHarbor Security’s Professional Services Team will quickly deploy Splunk and ensure it scales efficiently for years to come.

NuHarbor specializes in helping our customers install, configure, upgrade, and maintain Splunk. Our staff are trained to the same standard as Splunk employees and are extremely skilled at installing and configuring Splunk environments. Our work includes everything from small 10GB/day environments to large multi-site customers. We also understand HIPAA, PCI, IRS1075, and NIST requirements. So, whether you’re deploying to a hospital or trying to meet federal requirements, we can architect solutions to support your compliance.


Splunk Quick Start

Our engineers work with you to install the Splunk platform, onboard data sources, and ensure operational visibility. We have experience with many use cases including enterprise security, application performance, and overall enterprise visibility.


Splunk Enterprise Security

Security is our specialty – our engineers help configure out of the box correlation searches and write custom searches that matter to your organization.


Splunk Health Checks

Software configurations can drift over time, even break. We assess your environment and provide recommendations. Yearly health checks ensure your Splunk instance scales efficiently and effortlessly.

Splunk Upgrades

Upgrading a single instance is easy, but clusters additional complexity. Our engineers have experience upgrading large Splunk stacks. Using a repeatable upgrade methodology, we ensure your success.

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