Phishing Attack Assessments

Your end users are your largest vulnerability.

Modern attackers exploit this to target organizations via highly-sophisticated phishing campaigns. We’ll help you craft a custom phishing campaign to test the human element within your network. Get the statistics you need to inform decisions and secure your network.


Testing Factors

NuHarbor’s phishing engagements focus on three distinct testing factors: requests for personal data, embedded links, and attachments. We custom design each engagement for your organization. Our high-quality phishing emails test even the savviest end users; we don’t rely on cookie cutter attacks. NuHarbor operators research your organization to customize emails just like a malicious attack would.


Following every engagement, we provide you with a detailed summary of the engagement. This includes insight into which users received the phishing email, opened it, followed any links, and submitted personal data.



Whether your organization is conducting its first phishing test or has been doing so for years, NuHarbor aligns attack sophistication to your users. Validate your current internal training methods or gain data to advocate for more.


What if?

Do you wonder what would happen if one of your users fell victim to a phishing attack? How far could the attacker get? Let us test the worst-case scenario so you can prepare.

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We did cookie-cutter phishing tests for years using off-the-shelf solutions. Our users always scored well. Never did we think a targeted phishing test would lead to total domain compromise, but NuHarbor’s targeting phishing showed our leadership team that we needed to invest further in endpoint protection and education.

Technology Director, Healthcare Corporation