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Colchester, VT – October 29, 2020: Premier cybersecurity services provider NuHarbor Security has strengthened its partner ecosystem with the strategic addition of SafeGuard Cyber – the industry’s first and only comprehensive collaboration, chat, and social media security platform. NuHarbor exists to help secure all organizations and ease the complexity of cybersecurity and chooses to provide only best-in-breed security solutions to its clients. Together in partnership, NuHarbor and SafeGuard will focus on the rapid adoption of cloud applications that are currently causing gaps in visibility, compliance, and security.

The information security threats posed by today’s digital economy have been underscored by the unprecedented distribution of the workforce and education structure. Now more than ever, organizations in the commercial and SLED space alike need solutions to shield their critical collaboration, chat, and social channels from public attacks.

“As more and more companies, schools, and agencies begin relying on collaboration tools and cloud-based platforms like Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, etc. to effectively run their business, security becomes a critical component,” adds Scott Mosher, Vice President and Head of Sales at NuHarbor. “SafeGuard Cyber is the undisputed leader in the space, and their technology integrates nicely with our other partner solutions like CrowdStrike and Splunk. We are thrilled to partner with SafeGuard Cyber and deliver the best-of-breed solutions in the cybersecurity space.”

“We chose NuHarbor as a top reseller because of their security, compliance, and risk expertise,” said Karen Kukoda, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at SafeGuard Cyber. “Their sales and consulting team will now be able to provide clients visibility and protection against digital risks both in the enterprise and beyond the endpoint.”

NuHarbor will offer solutions from the SafeGuard Cyber SaaS Platform that empower enterprises to adopt the cloud collaboration, chat, and social media channels they need to reach customers. The SafeGuard platform enables new digital communication channels to be compliant and secure. Security teams can continuously monitor all channels for new threats and automatically take corrective actions ranging from quarantining malware to reverting account takeovers to their previous state. Within hours, the platform is easily deployed with policy-driven automation for cloud-to-cloud channel integration.

NuHarbor Security is committed to serving businesses and public organizations as a trusted partner and strives to be the leading pure play security firm in the market. Fostering this alliance with SafeGuard Cyber enhances NuHarbor’s ability to help its clients prioritize security as part of their overall growth strategy.

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NuHarbor Security is a leading national information security consulting and advisory firm, providing tactical and strategic cybersecurity services to private and public sector clients. Our innovation and thought leadership challenges traditional methodologies and promotes a new understanding of sustainable information security. Working throughout the United States since 2014, NuHarbor helps clients design, implement, and sustain Information Security, Compliance, and Risk Management programs. We are committed to serving clients in the creation and maintenance of Information Security Programs and Enterprise Architecture by integrating premier security solutions from our best-in-breed technology partner portfolio.

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About SafeGuard Cyber

SafeGuard Cyber SafeGuard Cyber is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based company with a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to use social media and digital channels securely, compliantly, and at the scale of global business. With coverage across more than 50 channels, SafeGuard Cyber helps security, compliance, and marketing teams work better together to drive business forward.

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by: Hayley Froio

Information Assurance Team Member at NuHarbor Security

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