ISO27001 Compliance Services

Get guidance to ISO27001 certification.

Whether you’re looking to implement a full ISO27001 Information Security Management System for certification or just looking to benchmark your security program against ISO27001, we can help.

ISO27001 Assessment Services

We perform all assessments against the ISO27001:2013 framework.  While most organizations use ISO as a security measuring stick, the true intent of the framework is intended to be a purposeful selection and customized listing of security controls for your company.

Our assessments include an evaluation of ISO27001 Annex A controls.  We would list how our solutions address all Annex A controls below however since ISO charges for the standard, they would frown if we gave it away for free.

A.5: Information security policies (2 controls)
A.6: Organization of information security (7 controls)
A.7: Human resource security – 6 controls that are applied before, during, or after employment
A.8: Asset management (10 controls)
A.9: Access control (14 controls
A.10: Cryptography (2 controls)
A.11: Physical and environmental security (15 controls)
A.12: Operations security (14 controls)
A.13: Communications security (7 controls)
A.14: System acquisition, development and maintenance (13 controls)
A.15: Supplier relationships (5 controls)
A.16: Information security incident management (7 controls)
A.17: Information security aspects of business continuity management (4 controls)
A.18: Compliance; with internal requirements, such as policies, and with external requirements, such as laws (8 controls)

ISO27001 Implementation Services

We’ve helped many organizations align with and certify to the ISO27001 Information Security Management Standard. There are many benefits to aligning with or certifying to ISO27001, some benefits are listed in our blog post.

We’ve helped many clients implement or maintain their ISO27001 Information Security Management System. Our flexibility and ability to work with many different parts of an organization make us a Trusted Partner of many Fortune 500 Companies. Our methodology is as follows:

Phase 1: Preparation and Pre-work

Your company your goals and objectives of the ISO27001 Implementation (i.e. Certification, Reductions in Cost, or other) will drive the amount of pre-work to complete. Preparation for an audit will require a much higher degree of rigor than an organization self-selecting alignment with the Information Security Management Standard. As needed, we’ll partner with your team and your company to identify and prioritize the objectives, seem stakeholder commitment, develop asset inventories, and assist in scoping your environment.

Phase 2: Gap Assessment

After gathering asset lists, seeking management support, and defining scope we can begin our assessment your environment against the ISO27001 controls. During this phase we’ll gather the list of gaps which will be the foundation for the risk assessment.


Phase 3: Risk Assessment

In this phase we’ll focus our conversations and assessment to gaps identified and begin assessing their context to your business, how the gaps impact critical assets, how the gaps might impact strategic goals and objectives. This allows us to begin prioritizing the risks that most relevant to your business.

Phase 4: Risk Treatment Plan

Here we can begin measuring risk impacts, which risks to accept, avoid, transfer, or mitigate to an acceptable level using Information Security controls.

Phase 5: Information Security Risk Management

Based on the outputs from Phase 4 we can begin to manage any risks identified. Whether you transfer the risk via insurance policies, or implement Security Controls we can assist helping to ensure the controls are implemented correctly and risk has been remediated.

Phase 6 & 7: Audit Preparation & Certification

For clients seeking to obtain certification, Phase 6 is prepare for the Audit via a readiness review and double-checking all documentation is complete and in place. Phase 7 is the actual audit by a certified external audit firm.


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