A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) maintains the security surrounding your organization’s infrastructure. MSSPs provide outsourced monitoring and security features that increase your ability to detect and defend against an attack. There are two main types of security solutions offered by MSSPs, on-premise and cloud. On-premise MSSPs require your organization to house the bulk of security software within local hardware. With a cloud MSSP, the security is primarily hosted off premise, relieving you from the maintenance and cost of hardware.

So, why would you want to choose cloud? Moving to cloud technology can increase reliability, collaboration, and mobility. It can also be less expensive than other technologies when you factor in all costs. Employing full-time, in-house staff to secure cloud technology can be expensive. So, opting for a MSSP is a great alternative. We will go over 6 benefits of choosing a cloud MSSP solution and service provider.

1. Security Expertise

MSSPs employ professionals that eat, sleep, and breathe security. They are up to date on the latest technologies and how to implement them. These analysts and engineers receive certification from cloud technology vendors. MSSP employees know your cloud security solution front to back and would help in monitoring your cloud infrastructure on every project. MSSPs can often be verified by the vendor as a reputable service provider.

If you need to comply with security regulations, MSSPs may also be versed in compliance. Some MSSPs even offer compliance services. Because they already know your system through your cloud security solution, your MSSP would be a great guide for compliance. In addition, some cloud solutions provide add-ons to assist with compliance. You may be able to complete your compliance reporting within your cloud security solution.


2. Cost-Effective

Engaging an MSSP for your cloud technology can save you money in a couple key ways. While these might not be factored into your total budget, they should be! There’s the risk of a data breach, the maintenance of security tools, and the hiring and training of security personnel.


Risk has a cost value. By employing an MSSP that configures your cloud infrastructure with proper security implementations, you reduce the risk of a costly security breach. The cost of employing an MSSP is less than the cost associated with a security breach.


Cloud MSSPs can offer security tools that are often too expensive and resource-intensive to be maintained independently. Security tools need regular patching to stay up to date with the security landscape. MSSPs have resources on hand to effectively maintain security tools. They also offer services from compliance to penetration testing often all under one roof.


Hiring and training security experts is expensive. Qualified security experts with up to date certifications in MSSP and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) software adds additional cost. MSSPs also offer around the clock support through shift rotations and monitoring. The best security experts tend to work for security-focused companies. You could find yourself hiring and training personnel only for them to switch companies.


3. Constant Monitoring

MSSPs monitor your data, ensuring that you are notified about real threats, not just false positives. Security analysts search for outliers in your data streams. Utilizing cloud security solutions, they’re able to find and flag potential threats in real time. It’s important to have a knowledgeable MSSP that won’t bombard you with minor threat notifications. Instead, the best MSSPs filter out and correct false positives and only notify you of specified threat levels.


4. More Time for Your Business

Your company likely does not specialize in taxes, payroll, technology, cleaning, or HVAC. Instead, you probably choose to outsource these services to other companies. These services enable you to focus on your business. Security is no different. Spend less time managing and hiring for departments that are not your core business. Instead, focus resources on your specialty. Cloud solutions make this especially straight forward because you simply grant access to your MSSP.


5. Reliable Support and Customized Solutions

Cloud MSSPs partner with you to find the best security solutions for your organization. MSSPs can create remediation plans for a multitude of events and scenarios. If you bring use cases, MSSPs meet those and potentially suggest more use cases that broaden your security scope. MSSPs have multiple tools and resources to build up your cloud security infrastructure. They can provide additional services that will make your cloud technologies more secure such as penetration testing and MDR tools that add layers to your security.


6. Scalability

Your MSSP has a plethora of resources that enable your security to be as scalable as your cloud infrastructure. As your company grows, your MSSP can grow with you. If you need compliance help, penetration testing or MDR services from your MSSP it’s as simple as requesting and mitigating a plan to add those services. By enrolling your cloud technology with a proper MSSP, your organization will have a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.



Cybersecurity moves at a rapid pace. Having an MSSP keep your cloud technology up to date with the best security practices available will save you money and decrease the likelihood of a breach. If you are looking for an MSSP that will work with you to accomplish your security goals contact us here.

by: Jonathan Hanyok

Cybersecurity Marketing Intern

Jon is a Cybersecurity Marketing Intern. He attends Champlain College and will graduate in 2021.

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