Bringing SIEM to the Next Level

What is a SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a broad term that encompasses software, appliances, and managed services that combine security information management and security event management.  These services include the ability to aggregate security data from across an environment, analyze trends and correlations, provide real-time analysis and alerts for security events, and more. 

Although many products differ in the exact functional, SIEM solutions revolve around detecting security events and allowing an organization to have real-time alerts and insight into their environment and decrease the time to respond to security incidents. 

Enhancing SIEM with NuHarbor Security

Out of the box, the Splunk SIEM solution is a great tool but it must be used properly to be effective.  NuHarbor Security’s Managed Services Service Provider (MSSP) has the expertise and experience to bring your SIEM to the next level.   

Monitored by Dedicated Security Analysts

Most small and medium-sized organizations do not have the resources or trained employees to have a dedicated analyst team to monitor a SIEM solution or have not reached the size where hiring a security analyst would make financial sense.  By utilizing an MSSP, smaller companies can gain the benefit of a dedicated and experienced security team monitoring their environment without the costs of hiring internal analysts.

Constant Tuning to Reduce Noise

Every environment and organization is different and a SIEM solution needs to be adapted to catch relevant events without excessive false positives. Based on engineer security reviews by NuHarbor and client feedback, NuHarbor will actively tune security rules in the SIEM to reduce false positives and increase coverage.  This will ensure that your organization is only notified of real and relevant security events.

Custom Threat Intelligence

Industry trends and the threat landscape is always changing, and your SIEM must be kept up to date to stay ahead of new threats.  NuHarbor cultivates high-confidence threat feeds tailored to your industry and organization and integrates them into your environment, ensuring that your organization stays one step ahead of threats as they emerge in real-time. 

24/7 Coverage

Cyber Crime happens at all hours of the day, and 9-to-5 SIEM coverage does not always fulfill an organization’s needs.  NuHarbor recognizes this and offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure your environment is always covered.

Looking to Level Up Your SIEM Solution?

With extensive experience in public, private, and education sectors, NuHarbor is ready to assist your organization in taking your security program and SIEM solution to the next level. 

by: Hayley Froio

Information Assurance Team Member at NuHarbor Security

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