Our Approach to Security Technology & Services

Our Services and Technology Strategy

All of our services are designed to support any information security need an organization might have.  Our security technology partnerships support our services. We’re very purposeful about striving to provide best-in-breed services supported by best-in-breed security technologies.
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At NuHarbor Security we take pride in being a full security lifecycle provider. We understand that a well-designed Information Security Program without the tooling and tactics to implement the strategy cannot be operationally successful. Conversely large investments in security technology and massive implementation efforts without alignment to a program strategy amount to nothing more than busy work and lost dollars. We take a strategic approach to our security technology sales and integration services by working with our clients to understand their organization and their Information Security Program roadmap. If a security technology does not align with a client’s organization or roadmap, it will not be recommended. After the sale, our professional services are focused on integration of the technology not only into the Information Security Program but also into the organization’s Enterprise Architecture. We stay connected with our clients after integration services are complete to ensure they are gaining value from the solution and offer Tune Up & Health Check Services to keep things running in top form and aligned to strategy. Contact us today for help acquiring and integrating the tactical solutions required to give your security strategy the quickest route to victory. Have an area of need you don’t see in our current partner catalog? Let us know. We are constantly managing and evolving our partner portfolio to best address the needs of our clients.

Selection & Sales

A piece of security technology can’t just be the right piece of technology, it needs to be the right piece of technology for your organization. At NuHarbor Security we are very selective about our partner technology portfolio. If we don’t believe in the capabilities of the product and the dedication of the company to the betterment of information security, we won’t carry the partnership. Even with that level of confidence in our partners we won’t recommend every product we carry to every customer. The technology must address your organizational needs and, just as importantly, must fit within your Security and Enterprise Architecture.

It is the goal of our sales organization to become a trusted adviser for our clients in identifying new security technology. The only way to achieve that goal is to become intimately familiar with our clients Security Architectures and organizational priorities. We require our sales staff to think and act as a member of our client organizations when identifying security technology solutions. As a result we are able to recommend solutions with a much higher rate of success on achieving objectives and being successfully integrated. As a bonus from our sales staff’s familiarity with client needs, we are able to be more proactive with technology solution identification. We bring the needs of our clients to existing partners for product evolution and seek out new partners where solution gaps exist. For our clients it all boils down to a simplified solution identification and procurement process with a high confidence of success.


At NuHarbor Security we very purposefully use the term “integration” in favor of “implementation.” Far too many firms offer simply technology implementation. A piece of security technology implemented in isolation of organizational needs and technology architectures brings very little value to your security program. You will never receive a basic “we just followed the manual” install from NuHarbor Security.

Our Security Engineers are not only technically savvy but also versed in Information Assurance best practices and principles. Our engineers understand not only how to use the technology but more importantly why. During professional services engagements our Security Engineers will work with you to understand your Information Security Program and integrate your new security technology into that program. Our Security Engineers are also knowledgeable and experienced in the realms of architecture, development, and operations and are able to deliver solutions contextually within an enterprise architecture to provide value without impediment.

Tune Ups & Health Checks

Do you have a piece of security technology in need of some attention or a piece of kit you’d just like to be sure is running in top form? During a Tune Up Service we’ll make sure the technology is fully updated and functioning properly. More importantly, we’ll work with you to understand your original goals for the technology, how it has satisfied those goals to date, and any organizational changes to goals or priorities. That knowledge will be combined with NuHarbor Security’s understanding of the latest threat landscape to ensure the technology is not only functioning correctly but also addressing your organizational needs.

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