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Improve your Cybersecurity Program.

Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) we can help to assess, build, or enhance a new or existing cybersecurity program. Our process fundamentally breaks down to: scoping, assessing cybersecurity, determining business context, establishing a target goal, and implementing an action plan.


Assess the Core Capabilities

Our process starts by assessing your current cybersecurity capabilities. The capabilities break down to five concurrent and continuous functions — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. These five areas comprise a high-level view of a cybersecurity program. Through our initial assessment we measure the overall cybersecurity function by taking a deeper look into cybersecurity program needs, management activities, or technical activities.


Assist with Developing Target Capabilities

Once we have a baseline on what core capabilities exist, we can assist you in defining which capabilities should be enhanced to so you can develop a roadmap for improvement. Using the NIST CSF 4 Tier rating system we assist to help you determine a quantified measure of your cybersecurity maturity.

Establish your Cybersecurity Roadmap

Once we learn about your critical business drivers, coupled with desired cybersecurity capabilities, we partner with you to develop a recommended list of management or technical activities to add to your program. This prioritization allows for measurement of progress over time and provides you the ability to weigh business priorities against the cost of new technology, the cost of human capital, or opportunity cost.

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