Security Program Reviews

Security Program Reviews

As part of our Security Program Reviews and Assessment services we offer a unique perspective since many members of our team have built Information Security Programs for Fortune 500 companies.  Because of this fact we can quickly measure you organization’s security program and identify areas for improvement.

In the course of our Security Program Review we will consider all part of security across your organization.  This includes addressing people, process, data, technology and tools.

We generally conduct three different types of Security Program Reviews.  These reviews include:

  • IT Security (Cybersecurity)
  • Information Security
  • Physical Security

IT Security Program Reviews

Our Information Technology (IT) Security Program Reviews are specific to security of IT, otherwise known as cybersecurity.  We focus on all 7 layers of the OSI stack to ensure technical controls are in place, follow good security principles, and technology configurations are hardened and aligned with security best practices.

Information Security Program Reviews

The practice of Information Security is the discipline of securing all information across your business.  This includes the review of Information Security as it relates to Legal, Human Resources, Finance, IT and any place within your organization might which uses information in digital or paper form.  We leverage common security frameworks to ensure that good Information Security practices are in place and that information is protected any place where it is processed, transmitted, or stored.

Physical Security Reviews

NuHarbor can help you enhance your physical security plans. We have extensive experience in providing physical security services for organizations of all sizes. With a comprehensive approach that leverages people, processes and technology. NuHarbor will help you develop physical security plans with policies, procedures, standards and controls for the areas your organization requires like:

  • Climate control systems
  • Thermostat sensors
  • Raised floors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Fluid or water sensors
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Generators

NuHarbor will also help you take appropriate steps to protect your organization’s building perimeter and prevent unauthorized accessed to areas where sensitive information is processed and stored. NuHarbor can work with you to ensure that physical access to data or systems is appropriately restricted by layered security controls and only authorized personnel are allowed access to restricted areas> Plans may include:

  • Cameras to monitor physical access to immediate perimeter and Mounted camera at points of entry
  • Badges, biometric readers or locked doors requiring a key or PIN on all points of entry
  • Access logs
  • Alarm systems (motion or infrared or other detection mechanism for unauthorized entry)
  • Cages or walls that completely enclose the immediate perimeter
  • Anti-tailgating mechanisms at each point of entry
  • Walls extend from true floor to true ceiling
  • Security guards at each unlocked point of entry

Regarding environmental controls, NuHarbor can help you ensure that critical supporting utilities, such as climate control, fire suppressants and backup power supplies are in place to support your organization.