Security as a Service


The upswing moment in the enterprise adoption curve has hit for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. At this point information security practitioners must deal with SaaS as a reality of business whether they embrace it or not. By not embracing SaaS platforms security teams only position themselves to be cut out of important opportunities to protect organizational data as it moves to the cloud. By leading the charge on adopting SaaS security technologies, teams are able to ensure that the organization realizes the values promised by SaaS solutions while keeping critical information safe.

The core security principles to protecting information do not change as data moves from on premise to the cloud, but the threats and the methods to protect against those threats do. Traditional security solutions do not translate over to protecting SaaS solutions. Additionally, users do not access or interact with SaaS applications in the same way as traditional applications. Expectations have changed and so to must the security approach.

Our Approach

Cloud security is a strong focus area for NuHarbor Security. We believe that cloud and security exist in a Yin and Yang relationship where security makes SaaS applications more adoptable and cloud solutions improve a security program’s capabilities. With our Managed SaaS Security Services you’ll receive a next generation cloud security solution coupled with ongoing management, maintenance and monitoring to accelerate your ability to support secure cloud adoption. We can tailor the service to satisfy specific use cases or deliver a suite of solutions as an integrated cloud security package.