Many organizations are finding themselves scrambling to secure their remote workforce due to COVID-19. On this episode, we’re talking remote workforce security best practices and what you can do to keep your team running out of the office. Best case scenario, you planned and exercised for just this situation and your team was ready to make the switch to off site, your staff were trained on how to securely work away from the office, and your system was built to keep your network and data safe both on and off premises. Unfortunately, the reality for many organizations was that they hadn’t considered remote workforce security, or at least to the scale of this crisis,and had to figure it out live. Wherever in that spectrum of readiness you find yourself, we’ve got tips, techniques, and strategies to help you keep you and your team secure and operational.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Email security and phishing threats
  • Training and educating your employees to be safe and secure while working remotely
  • Preparing your enterprise security for remote work
  • Knowing what to look for and how to respond to threats
  • Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt
  • Utilizing cloud apps
  • Policies and procedures to help guide workers and keep your data safe

Episode Transcript

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