Whether you recently graduated or are looking to break into cyber security, you need to check out our hiring and recruiting episode with two of our Talent Acquisition Specialists, Emi and Allie. Should you write a 20-page resume? How important are cover letters? What are companies like NuHarbor looking for? Should you include a recipe for your world-famous spaghetti recipe? We are going to learn what happens behind the scenes after you upload your resume and hit submit and with any luck, help you get hired for your next cyber security job. A lot of tech companies are hiring and most of us probably have an idea of what we think sets us apart but Emi and Allie are going to set us straight on what catches a recruiters eye and how to stand out without being obnoxious. If you think you are a cyber security rock star and want to work for a company that values your skills as much as your work/life balance, check out the latest job postings and reach out to Emi and Alli on our career page: https://www.nuharborsecurity.com/careers

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