Without question, we’ve entered a new era of web-based meetings. This has become how most companies are conducting business with the current pandemic. And I suspect this is going to remain even active after we’re all back at our offices. One thing that’s come up with the proliferation of web meetings is the failure to secure those meetings. It’s gotten bad enough that the FBI field office in Boston actually sent out an advisory today talking about the risks of meetings being infiltrated. So, what are those risks? First, as many of us have experienced over the last two weeks, people jumping into meetings that don’t belong in there, and in worst case, scenarios yelling obscene and noxious things that’s obnoxious for everyone listening in, and it also makes you, the host, look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Another important risk to consider is that if you have people inside those meetings that don’t belong there, they’re listening in on your business and other activities. You wouldn’t allow strangers to hang out in your conference room in real life, don’t let it happen online. So, what can you do? First, try to avoid open URL meetings. Don’t send them out to mass emails, don’t post them on social media. If you’re gonna have a meeting, make sure you invite who’s supposed to be there and provide them specific tokens or other information to login you can password protect your meetings which add an additional layer of protection. If you are having an open meeting for the love of God, mute everyone.  No one wants to hear people eating food or commenting on the discussion, unless of course it is entertaining. Finally, pay attention to who’s logged in. Most meeting systems have a waiting room before you enter and that’s an opportunity to take a look around and see who doesn’t belong. You can also take actual attendance and boot people who don’t answer you. That’s today’s Pwned Byte Sized episode. Remember, keep your meetings safe and secure.

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