CMMC Certification LogoSplunk MSSP and CMMC Certification Support

NuHarbor Security has released CMMC support for Splunk MSSP clients that need to pursue Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.


The cyber security maturity model certification is a new standard for implementing cyber security controls across the 300,000 companies in the DOD’s supply chain. A large piece of CMMC compliance includes having robust security auditing and monitoring program in place, depending on the CMMC certification level required. Our Splunk MSSP can support the all of the expected CMMC audit compliance initiatives when finalized. If you have Splunk, or need an MSSP,  we can work with your existing Splunk instance to build a custom MSSP or help you build a new Splunk MSSP.


If you are curious as to whether CMMC certification applies to you, your DOD contract should specify applicability and the corresponding certification level. If you’ve been notified that you need to be CMMC certified, you should follow the prevailing CMMC guidelines.

If you find yourself in this situation and require a best-of-breed security auditing and log aggregation solution,  our Splunk MSSP service is can support all CMMC certification needs. NuHarbor’s Splunk Services team can onboard clients in less than two weeks.  This includes:
  • Proactive alerting of logging failure, either file or host non-conformity
  • CMMC Log format retention for detailed forensic analysis
  • Log file encryption
  • Access control models to conform to NIST and CMMC Access Control requirements
  • Continuous security correlations for unlawful, unauthorized, suspicious, and unusual activity
  • Log file normalization for ALL types of log files and machine data
  • Access to full threat community with access to TTPs, IOCs, IOAs.
  • Full incident response planning, implementation, and response teams.
  • Team of security analysts on account to review alerts generated.
  • Threat hunting team to identify persistent attack types that elude normal SIEM technologies.
If you have a CMMC certification requirement, NuHarbor Security has the ability to:
  • Perform CMMC Readiness Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Conduct Risk Assessments
  • Develop SSP or POAMs
  • Implemented full Identity and Authorization programs
If CMMC certification is a requirement for you, we are your security partner to streamline this process.