The NuHarbor Notice

APT10 Update

Sponsor: Contact Me: Twitter: @justinfimlaid LinkedIn: IOCs: APT10/Operation Cloud Hopper – Indicators of Compromise v3.csv  

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Ohio’s Data Protection Act

Important Links: More Info: State of Ohio Data Protection Act Law Text: IAPP Analysis (by Katelyn...

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SHA-1 Collision Attacks Explained

Important Links: SHA-1 Collision Explanation Page: Malicious Hashing: Eve’s Variant of SHA-1 Finding SHA-1 Characteristics: General Results and Applications:...

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Vulnerability Management and Patching

Show Notes: Sponsor: Contact Me: Twitter: @justinfimlaid...

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As Facts Change So Does My Opinion

Sponsor: Contact Me: Twitter: @justinfimlaid LinkedIn: My opinion of security has changed. We are not keeping up.  Companies keep...

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