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Incapsula Managed Services


It’s no secret that web applications have become a prime target for malicious parties. The combination of a publicly accessible asset with code that has a high probability of containing hidden vulnerabilities is simply too hard for attackers to pass up. In addition, DDoS attacks have also become a major problem for all types of businesses. Recent studies show these attacks cost companies an estimated $40,000 per hour on average, with the average overall figures ranging from $52,000 to $444,000, and a long lasting imprint on company image. Even with adoption of security in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), coding vulnerabilities do still inevitably slip through. Organizations often use web applications that are either wholly or partially purchased solutions, open-source software packages, or developed by third party contractors. In these scenarios, your organization may have limited control over development process and code security. Even if your organization becomes aware of a vulnerability, resolution timeframe is fully dependent on the third party group of developers. Enter the Web Application Firewall. A Web Application Firewall sits in between the user and your web application scanning incoming and outgoing requests. Web Application Firewalls are an invaluable tool in the web application security fight.

Our Approach

NuHarbor’s Security leverages Incapsula’s industry leading Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing, and Global CDN to secure and accelerate your web app performance. Our team works with you to tailor the rule sets to your business and application needs. Our dedicated engineers will maintain the solution, ensuring it adapts with new application releases and new threats. We provide the day to day management, monitoring, rule configuration, and tuning of your Incapsula environment to ensure your Web Application is secure, accessible, and fast.

Incapsula Managed Services

DDoS Protection
Our best of breed global DDoS Protection platform with over 1.25Tbps of throughput automatically detects and protects your company from DDoS attacks 24×7. This product includes a powerful and valuable feature set that includes a 99.999% uptime SLA, and Application and Network level protection. In the event of an attack, native monitoring capabilities provide real-time visibility into mitigation progress and allows your company to adjust security measures to remediate exploitable vulnerabilities. This service requires no additional hardware or software, allowing cost effective protection with a fast onboarding process.
Global CDN
Utilizing Incapsula’s Global CDN, NuHarbor Security intelligently caches your web content across 25 global locations. This service provides a better overall customer experience, reduces overhead on your business systems, and provides 50% faster performance while consuming 40% to 70% less bandwidth.
Website Security
Protecting your web application starts with an enterprise grade Web Application Firewall. Our solution leverages a Level 1 PCI-certified Web Application Firewall designed from the ground up to protect against the OWASP Top 10 threats. Layered on top of the base protection are custom security rules tailored to your business and application. Finally, NuHarbor Security monitors and evaluates false positives and exceptions to maintain a high level of security and availably for your web application.
Load Balancer
NuHarbor Security offers Layer 7 load balancing and failover in the cloud, giving you an alternative to expensive and time intensive onsite appliances. On top of failover, NuHarbor offers health monitoring in real time so you always know the status of your application.
Custom Rules
NuHarbor Security will create custom web application firewall rules to protect your company from becoming the next data breach headline. Whether you’re using COTS or custom applications, our WAF offering allows us to create customized protection rules designed around specific flaws present in your application.
Web Application Firewall rules and configurations must be tuned to prevent false positives and account for exceptions while still protecting the application. Incapsula’s powerful Whitelist and Blacklist capabilities allow NuHarbor Security to fine-tune your security policy based upon specific URLs, fields, IP addresses and countries. We will work with your IT and Application owners to optimize the Web Application Firewall according to your unique business and technical requirements.
Building Integrations
NuHarbor Security will work with your company to build custom integrations to enhance your product development processes. We will help your company leverage Incapsula’s powerful API to automate tasks and provide the best ROI.