On this week’s Breach of the Week, we’re talking CIA and a pretty epic dump of highly sensitive and classified materials including some of the most dangerous hacking tools they’ve created. Was it a nation state looking to seek revenge? Was it a hacking group that perpetrated the deepest depths of the government’s networks? Listen and find out (hint: It wasn’t either of those things). Justin gives his thoughts on how this went down, the lack of good policies and procedures, and we talk about the risk of the insider threat.

Link to the story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/elite-cia-unit-that-developed-hacking-tools-failed-to-secure-its-own-systems-allowing-massive-leak-an-internal-report-found/2020/06/15/502e3456-ae9d-11ea-8f56-63f38c990077_story.html 

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