It’s graduation season and despite the very strange and challenging times we live in, a lot of awesome and talented students are about to be unleashed into the world and if you’re a cyber security company that’s trying to attract them, Justin has some thoughts. Maybe you already have a full roster but for some reason you just cannot seem to figure out why your best folks keep leaving, well, Justin has some thoughts on that as well. Attracting and keeping your talent is difficult and expensive. Yes, you gotta spend money to make money and that also goes with your people as well. Finally, Justin has a few thoughts on how you can build your skill set by building your own lab and putting in the work on your own time to make you a better candidate. A little something for everyone. Like, share, rate, and review! Let us know what you think!

We’re also including an in depth blog post to allow you to dig deeper into this episode and find ways to recruit and retain cyber talent:

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